Doing the blog

Hmmm, why a blog I hear you ask. Well quite simply the idea came about out of two things – being bored (due to creative block) and being inquisitive.

Mind you, some people might say the real reason is that I’m pants at keeping in touch with them. So at least with having a blog, people can read what I’m upto and comment on it, rather than waiting an eternity for me to send or reply to an email.

In all seriousness though, I do intend to use the blog to its full potential and give everyone an insight into my take on the world in which I live. I’ll also try and limit the amount of sexual inuendo for which I am apparently well known (even by my wife).

1 thought on “Doing the blog”

  1. Hi DDWT,

    Noticed we shared a favouite book in common.

    As you like Martin Lewis, have a look at my site.

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