Things can only get better

*sigh* do you ever get one of those days when you feel that you’re on a completely different orbit to most other people. Perhaps I just got out of bed the wrong side this morning and I’m being grumpy – yeah that’s got to be it surely?

I mean is it really such a bad thing when your laptop is slower than a snail on speed because Symantec (Norton?) Anti-Virus is running in the background, or that the local newspaper refers to some new information you put on your website as a “new Council website” or even driving to work resembles a game of Grand Theft Auto with cars crossing over the white lines like they’re on a misson to keep Barry’s Body Repairs in business.

Yep, I’m being grumpy – why, ‘cos in the greater and grander scheme of things – the above are minor irritations, which eventually just float away.

Time for a cup of kenco’s finest me thinks. I’m feeling better already.