Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

The white stuff tried it’s best to cover Swansea with a blanket today – without any success I’m afraid. However, the Met Office have raised the spirits of this adult’s inner child tendancies by issuing a weather warning of heavy snowfall for the region. I might just get a chance to build a snowman with DDWT Junior after all!

Took a break from the running today as I felt somewhat jaded – so opted for a walk along the promenade instead (and promptly got caught in a major hail shower). It’s great to be able to take in the sea air during the lunchtime break and it certainly clears the mental cobwebs (more to do with the gusty wind than anything else of course).

Good news from Canon today (whom I’d got to repair my faulty Canon MV600i Camcorder) they’ve fixed the picture problems and haven’t charged me for doing so! Super, smashing, great as Jim Bowen of ‘Bullseye’ fame would say and even better the usual £96 repair charge can now go towards something else hurrah!

In the world of League One football the Swans dropped a place to 5th tonight courtesy of the Tyke’s of Barnsley’s 1-all draw with Cherries of Bournemouth. Humbug. It could have been worse though and with the Bee’s of Brentford also dropping points tonight, it wasn’t all bad news for the Swans. It’ll be a tough game at Oakwell on Saturday though and I’ll stick my neck out and predict (yet another) draw for the Jacks.

Oow, almost forgot that today was Shrove Tuesday (or pancake day to us food monsters) and I’m very disappointed to report that no pancakes were consumed at all in the DDWT household *big sigh*

Right I’m off to gwely (that’s Welsh for bed) to catch some much needed zzzzzzz’s.