Pictures in Print?

After yesterday’s almost monumental achievement of getting my snow pic on the BBC web site, today I took it upon myself to notify the local newspaper – South Wales Evening Post – that I had several other pictures that they might be interested in printing. So watch this space!

As for my infatuation with the weather (well the snow to be precise) I was disappointed today to see only a light smattering on the ground when I woke up – much to the disgust of the children in the neighbourhood I hasten to add. In place of the snow, we now had sub-zero temperatures and a thick frost *sigh*

In keeping with the photographic theme, I’ve been dabbling with Adobe Photoshop CS2 over the last few days after years (yes I mean years) of using Macromedia Fireworks. For those of you in the web design world the irony of this won’t escape you. But for the rest of you, well Adobe bought out Macromedia some time ago! I must confess to wishing I’d taken the plunge sooner (much to the disgust of friends and colleagues in the web business who thought I was nuts not having done so many light years ago). The vast array of tools and options are a web designers dream and really does put Fireworks to shame. I suppose being Macromedia Dreamweaver savvy since version 2 (a special prize for anyone else who can remember when that came out!) the attractions of Fireworks were obvious, well until now they were. Ok, Ok, I’ll go and take my anorak off now.