A few pounds lost

For those of you that didn’t know, every Sunday of every week is weighing day for me – it’s my benchmark against how well I’m doing in my own battle of the bulge. Thankfully, today was a good day with the scales showing the rather nice figure of 17st 7lbs – some 3lbs less than last week and perhaps more importantly 3lbs nearer my target weight of around 16st.

The secret to my success to date is not starving myself – far from it – it’s merely a case of watching what I eat and keeping everything (and I mean everything) in moderation. Couple this with some exercise (in my case bike riding, running and very occasionally weight training) and it’s been the key to my weight loss.

One other important thing I feel I must mention to anyone who is also trying to lose weight – it’s true what they say you know, the head really does rule the body. Just think of that when you’re craving something you shouldn’t be.