Sick as a pig

Phew, what a day. The house of DDWT is now a house full of people with gastro enteritis – which for those of you who know, isn’t a very pleasant experience. At the last count, I’d lost 13lbs in less than 24 hours – scary indeed and no doubt it will take a good few days to build myself back up again. I’m all for losing some of my excess waistline baggage – but not this way!

A thought occurred to me whilst writing here as to the whereabouts of the term “sick as a pig” actually comes from – as it doesn’t really strike me as being an obvious association to make. Hmm, I couldn’t even find reference to its origins via Google (which is a rather unusual occurrence).

Thanks to Magic Door (whom you can tell is a knowledge analyst) for the pointer to the answer to the question I posed above. I still reckon it’s a weird expression though.

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