35 today

Today saw me celebrating my 35th birthday and a good day was had all round. Special thanks go to Mrs DDWT for a cracking party and homemade chocolate sponge birthday cake (lush!) – which was enjoyed by the entire family. Thanks also to all of those who sent me cards and the gang in the office for the cakes they bought. The fireworks in the back garden are also worth a mention – especially the one that decided to go awol and almost take my combat trousers with it. My ears are still ringing from the bangers as I type. Anyway, everyone enjoyed themselves which was the most important thing.

Got back onto the running today, as I’d taken some time out to recuperate after last week’s illness. The break had done me good and I enjoyed the run today more than I thought I would. I opted for a shorter run than normal (some 22 minutes odd) as it was my first one back in over 10 days. Went along the beach in front of Swansea Marina and along the jetty at the end of the beach – where today was moored the Swansea to Cork ferry. It’s amazing how impressive such a ship is when you see it close up like I did today. I wish I’d had my camera with me *sigh*