The windy city

No not Chicago, Swansea. How come every time I decide to go out running it feels as though I’m running into a force 9 gale. Like me lugging around my extra large frame wasn’t enough of a challenge in itself. Me, aerodynamic, most definately not. No wonder there’s a street called ‘Wind Street’ in the City – which incidentally happens to have lots of pubs on it – you’d need a drink after braving the elements. That’s purely co-incidental of course *chuckle*

Perhaps I’m just paranoid. I seem to recall Aberystwyth being very similar (if not worse). Maybe, just maybe it’s because both places are by the sea – yeah that’s it surely. Mind you, if I thought running into the wind was hard work, rowing (in the irish sea) was nearly impossible!! Geez, that brought back some painful – blister related – memories from a good few years ago.

Anyway, back to the facts – I did a 33 minute run today, which I must confess to not enjoying as much as usual. It must have been the wind! I meandered my way around Swansea marina and SA1 for the best part of the run, before venturing onto the beach to finish off. It was also an ample opportunity for me to try out my new Ron Hill ‘Classic Sprint’ shorts – which were very comfy and well worth the £15 investment.

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  1. Hi mate. Inspired by your continued running commitment, I decided it was time to start working off the increasingly substantial beer-and-pies pot belly and don the trainers for a jog down the beach….

    Almost had to be hospitalised.

    Keep up the good work- I admire you!

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