Lame laptop computer

I endured over 4 hours downtime today after trying to apply Windows XP Service Pack 2 to my Compaq laptop. Every time I tried to do the install, I kept getting a darn “Access is Denied” error message. So thanks Microsoft for the ‘blue screen of death‘ that ensued and for helping me to waste a complete afternoon in work. It’s no wonder that I prefer to use Linux. After this little episdoe, I’ve one thing to say to Bill Gates – fear the penguin!

In all seriousness it is incredably frustrating, especially when you are totally dependant on your laptop/PC to do your work (web development in my case). I suppose it’s testament to the reliance we place upon, what is arguably the most important work tool in decades – the humble PC.

At least the purchase of my ticket for the LDV Vans Final between the Swans and the Cumbrians of Carlisle, relieved some of the frustration I felt this afternoon.

Now all I have to do is find some form of transport to the Millenium Stadium – after Network Rail decided (in their wisdom) that no train services will be running between Swansea and Cardiff on the day of the game. Muppets.

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