Time for a change

Did you remember to put your clocks forward? We did and without a hint of hesitation. Ok, so we lost one hour’s sleep but the start of the British Summer Time (BST) more than made up for this. Besides, with DDWT Junior around, sleep deprivation is something we’re accustomed to, so one hour isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference! I do wonder what other ‘effects’ the clock change will have though.

Embarked upon my new weight training regime today, having been out of action for months (years?). So I dusted off my york weights bench and proceeded to bash a few dumbells and barbells about!

The reason behind this idea was that it occurred to me that whilst losing weight was all well and good, the thought of having a Mr. Muscle ‘esque physique (complete with white string vest) wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (seeing as I’m of large build and stand 6ft 4ins tall). So with this hideous thought in mind and the fact that with increased muscle size my metabolism would increase and thus burn more calories – I decided to devise a weight training program for myself. So I’m now on a two pronged calorie burning attack!

Once again I am pleased to report that the scales were smiling at me this morning as I weighed in at 17st 2lbs – so I’ve shed 2lbs this week. What’s more pleasing is that since January 1st, I’ve shed 26lbs. You’ll be glad to know that these are one set of pictures I won’t be sharing with you!