Every little helps

Watched a film tonight called ‘The Terminal‘ starring Tom Hanks and Swansea’s very own Catherine Zeta-Jones. Quite a weird storyline really about a guy who takes up temporary residency in JFK airport due to not having a valid visa for entry into the USA. Reading the synopsis beforehand made the film sound quite boring, but in fact it turned out to be quite a humorous and touching tale.

It’s weird really how you can become so involved in what you are watching, even to the point that you lose all sense of reality and everyday life around you. It’s no wonder the romantics amongst us float off to dreamland when faced with a slushly romantic film – rather than sometimes facing up to the reality of life (well at least for the duration of the film). I’m sure the same can be said for fantasists out there too.

Popped into Tesco’s in Fforestfach to do some shopping today, which obviously isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do (or blog on) but my encounter at the checkout was quite funny. I’d decided to get a stir-fry mix for supper, attached to which was a 60p coupon. So the nice lady behind the counter said “I’ll scan that coupon through for you now sir, after all 60p is 60p isn’t it” to which I replied (without thinking) – “Well, every little helps”. At the time, the cashier’s steely glare didn’t register with me – well not until I was walking out of the shop and clocked a large Tesco sign emblazoned with their slogan of “Every little helps”. It raised a smile and made me chuckle.

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