Wonder at the waterfront

Went for a lunchtime run with a work colleague today which made a refreshing change and added a bit of competitiveness to proceedings. What made it all the more pleasant for me was the fact that this time I ran my work colleague ragged, rather than the other way around as was the case back in January when we went out running together. Not that I’m the competitive type of course!

The 24 minute run took us through Swansea Marina and past the new National Waterfront Museum. Now if you’re ever passing the museum do take the time to pop in and have a look, it’s free and well worth a couple of hours browsing around. There’s also plenty of gadgets and gizmos to have dabble with and will keep both little kids and big kids amused for quite some time! I particulary liked the ‘Networks’ display which provided a projected map with hotpots on which you could then view a short video/slideshow of. The picture below was one I took whilst looking at the ‘Transformations’ display.

Just for the record I’d like to add that I visited the museum previously not today – as I didn’t think that the sight of me wearing cycling shorts and a running vest was appropriate attire for a museum!

Being the resourceful guy that I am, I felt I had to mention a web site I came across the other day which provides email notifications of the cheapest garages (for fuel) in your local area. The site can be found at www.petrolprices.com and it’s free to register and use the service. I’ve found the prices quoted for various garages in my locality to be accurate as well, so it’s well worth a visit and could save you a few bob in the process.

Was subjected to yet another viewing of ‘Ice Age‘ today by DDWT Junior – for what must be the hundreth time! Although I shouldn’t complain really as it’s quite a funny film and is much better (in my opinion) that his last favourite ‘Finding Nemo‘. I still find it amusing that whenever DDWT Junior see’s a fish he says ‘Dory’ – those of you who’ve seen the film will know what I’m on about.