Competition is healthy

Went running again today, this time along the promenade to Blackpill accompanied by one of the lads from the office. It really does make a huge difference when someone else tags along as it pushes you to do better and if you’re competitive like me, makes you even more determined to do the business over your running companion.

The 42 minute run was hard work and the rather warm spring sunshine simply added to it – although the views over Swansea Bay are stunning in such conditions. Now being someone who always senses an opportunity to plug one of his pictures and given that we crossed this very bridge today, I thought I’d share a snap I took of the – rather controversially moved – slip bridge.

Those of you who are regular readers, need not worry that I have a worrying obsession with bridges (given my recent blog entries) – it’s just happened to pan out that way, honest guv.