Strongbow – gets to your head fast

Woke up today feeling very fragile after a night out in Swansea with my work colleagues. There were numerous reasons for us venturing out – not that we needed an excuse of course – but we were celebrating a hen party, a joining party, a leaving party and several birthday parties!

We all met up in ‘Revolution‘ a vodka bar and whilst drinking my first of many (too many in fact) pints of strongbow I came across an intriguing book all about vodka. The book listed the very many countries (especially Eastern Block) that specialised in making vodka and gave a great detailed insight into the varieties available – including the proof (one which was around 97%). The name – thankfully – escapes me, otherwise I might have been tempted to try it. I’ve also forgotten the name of the book/author – which I suppose isn’t surprising either!

We eventually trotted off to the ‘Lava Lounge’ and strutted our stuff on the dancefloor to the retro hits of the 70s and 80s – which given the age range of those present was spot on. I seem to recall me living up to my nickname of ‘Snakehips’ and was constantly reminded of my 2005 ‘Pole Dancer’ of the year award – how embaressing is that!! I don’t recall us drinking very much here and given the erm dancing (if you can call it that) I don’t think we needed anymore alcohol.

Our last port of call was a club come cafe called ‘Monkey‘ – which for me the least said about the better. It was a strange place and I personally found the combination of live band downstairs and club dj mixing upstairs somewhat bizarre – especially as they were both competing or so it appeared for the same sound waves! Mind you by now perhaps the cider was also taking its toll on my musical tolerance levels. Taxi time was soon upon me and I was fast asleep in bed at home before you could say “first class ticket to Nottingham please” (does anyone else remember that Tunes advert?).

Most of the night is now a distant memory, well a blurry one at least, but at least the 12 or so of us who ventured out had a great laugh.