Road to nowhere

Do you ever feel that you not getting anywhere? Well at the moment I seem to be stuck in a perpetual loop with regards to work being pushed my way (from higher up the chain of command). Bloody frustrating and more than a little annoying. If only (a) we had a 10 day working week and (b) I had another 3 of me at my disposal then I’d be laughing. Sometimes I’d love to turn around, say fugg it and just walk away, but I know I won’t. I’m not a quitter and if I’m honest in a perverse kind of way I thrive on the hectic pressurised nature of it all. Besides, I like the money too much *snigger*

At least my lunchtime run today gave me some sort of sense of achievement and direction. I managed to do my usual 4.8 mile route in just over 39 minutes, which is almost 3 minutes quicker than normal. Maybe it’s not such a road to nowhere after all.

2 thoughts on “Road to nowhere”

  1. Hmmmm….Strongbow! Gives me an idea. Anyway, enjoy there new adverts taking the pee out of the peasnt classes.

    just to let you know, I’m back in the world of blog. It is about time we had a pint young man!

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