Answers on a postcard

Went on a photo taking frenzy down Swansea Bay today, which is one of my favourite local destinations. I didn’t think the weather was going to play ball before we left as further up the Swansea Valley the rain clouds were providing blanket coverage. Thankfully upon arriving at Swansea Marina the sun was shining brightly and it made for a very pleasant afternoon indeed.

Now not being very familiar with photographic art, I’ve often wondered how you would best describe the type of pictures I take (and before someone says it, no they’re not crap!) are they – landscape, abstract, conventional… etc. So answers on a postcard please.

My usual weekly trip to the bathroom weighing scales provided a very pleasant surprise today with the display showing 17st 2lbs – a loss of 1lb from last week. This was most pleasing as I had been having a far from active week on both the training and healthy eating fronts.

However, given that today was Easter Sunday – the house of DDWT found itself inundated with some 12 Easter eggs! This amounted to no less than 2KG of melted down chocolate – I’m now in chocolate heaven. NOT good news for my diet though.

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