Being a glutton for punishment and somewhat vain in terms of my physical appearance (aren’t we all?) I went running along the beach again today. In order to satisfy my statistical nature and for the purpose of maintaining my training record, I note that I only managed a 24 minute session today.

Nicknames are funny things aren’t they. I mean they can be highly flattering in some respects and immensely hurtful in others – at this point I seem to recall many from my younger days which fall into both categories, especially the latter! However during the last 15 months of employment, I can recall several nicknames that I have affectionately been called by my office colleague (whom is known simply as JR). I mean to be called ‘Shrek‘, ‘Johnny Cash‘, ‘Greg Rusedski’, ‘Licorice Man’, ‘Big D’ and ‘The Bouncer’ during this time has been very amusing, if somewhat bizarrely confusing – as to why I’ve been attributed with some of these titles. JR tells me it’s to do with a variety of things – my appearance, my dress sense and my attitude. Yikes, my sort of pciture does that present! Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be more nicknames over time and if I’m honest, they’re far nicer than some of the things I can imagine I’ve been called!

I watched ‘Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason‘ tonight with Mrs. DDWT and although I usually keep an open mind when it comes to chick flicks, I’m afraid I found this one rather annoying on the whole. Perhaps it is becuase I tend to lack patience when it comes to way over the top dizzy people (such as Bridget Jones (played by RenĂ©e Zellweger) or maybe it’s because film sequels are usually crap anyway.

Whilst on the subject of the movies, those film buffs amongt you might want to check out the Internet Movies Database Goofs Section – i.e. errors that shouldn’t have made it into a movie, but somehow got by the editors. There are some classics in there believe me!