Knock knock

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that everyone has to earn a living, but one of my pet hates at the moment is door-to-door salesmen. These predominantly young and often very arrogant people seem to be constantly ringing the doorbell with great savings on telephone calls, electricity, gas, double glazing and you name it we’ve got it.

There was a time when I’d happily listen to them wax lyrical for 20 minutes – from a sales script – on my doorstep before taking great pleasure in informing them “no thanks”. Even that isn’t fun anymore. I mean let’s face it, we get hassled by post, by telephone, by txt message and even in the high street sometimes – so I’ll be damned if I’, going to get hassled on my own doorstep as well.

I’m a massive fan of self service, which is why I love the internet so much and loathe the “in your face” sales approach so much. I understand that not everyone’s an anorak like me, but it’s about choice at the end of the day, and who asks for salesmen to come knocking on the door?

Well now that I’ve had a rant, I’ll just put a signpost here about my 29 minute run today. Why the signpost, well it’s just so that I can look back over my blog in days/months/years to come and think – it’s no wonder my bloody knees are knackered!

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  1. omg! I feel like the worst kind of social parasite now cos I have just got an evening telesales job as well as the bakery to stop me hurtling even deeper into debt!

    Looks like I’m off to Hell when my days are up then…

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