35th birthday party

Today was the lovely Mrs. DDWT’s 35th birthday and believe me she looks damn good for her age. In fact, she looks more like a 28 year old (I know I’m biased) because she’s blessed with a young face, unlike muggins here. To celebrate the occasion, we had the family around and do what you do on most birthday parties – eat and drink, oh and blow out the candles on the cake of course.

A visit to Next is also now planned in order to alleviate Mrs. DDWT’s now bulging voucher wallet.

As for me, well I attended day 2 of my ‘Leadership and Motivation’ course and once again found the whole experience rather interesting and though provoking. We spent a lot of time going over the VAK (Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic) learning styles and NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) during the day and I must say both topics were very interesting and indeed useful.

I have taken a lot away from the last two days and shall look to use some of the principles and ideas I have picked up from the various theories and put them into practice in my current role as a web manager. It’s certainly opened my eyes to a lot of stuff which previously taken fro granted, so a positive start has already been made.