Dodgy knee

I’m afraid that my training has suffered a major setback this week, with me developing what can be best described as arthritic pain in my right knee joint. It’s been playing me up a few weeks, but on Tuesday it got to the stage whereby it was even uncomfortable to walk, let alone run.

I suppose it’s partly due to my rugby playing days and also the fact that I have a pin (from knee to ankle) in my leg after suffering a nasty leg injury some 8 years ago. Having said that, I’m still perplexed as to why it’s started to play up now. Mrs DDWT insists that I go to the docs, but I’m not a big fan of that idea, usually because you get the feeling of being ‘fobbed off’ with some “Ah, yes that’s probably it” kind of response when discussing the symptoms.

So off to Google I went in search of an answer and believe it or not I found one – which probably isn’t surprisingly given diversity of the web. My symptoms seem to match what is described as ‘Runners Knee‘ – now there’s a surprise not!

Anyway, with the bank holiday weekend ahead of me I’m going to remain positive and look forward to watching the Swans play the Shrimpers of Southend tomorrow in what can only be described as a MASSIVE game for both teams. The Swans have a play-off place to fight for, whilst a win for Southend will see them promoted to the Championship. With a near 20,000 crowd roaring the teams on it’ll be a cracking day I’m sure.