Wheels in motion

Back to work today (bah humbug) and back to my lunchtime fitness slot (wahay). I decided to stick with the bike riding and did a 10 mile stint from Swansea Marina to Verdi’s (in Mumbles) which was great, despite the very windy weather. The one good thing about cycling on this route, when the weather isn’t too clever, is that there are very few pedestrians on it – which to anyone who know’s the route well will testify that pedestrians are the biggest hazard. Oh I musn’t forget those with dogs and extremely long leads as well – which are even worse.

Seeing as I’m rambling on about bike riding at the moment, perhaps now is an ample opportunity for a gentle reminder about sponsoring me for the 29 mile Gower Bike Ride and raising money for the British Heart Foundation in due course. Go on – you know you want to *smile*

1 thought on “Wheels in motion”

  1. Give me a nudge when your knees are ready for the bike ride and I’ll make a donation – good luck!

    By the way, I didn’t blog it but I also spent half of Monday on my knees in the bathroom (ooh Matron!)- under the sink getting the gunge out of the trap – not something I wish to describe in detail or take photos of either!

    I should forget the scales for a while – ounces don’t count…..

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