What a dish

Now given that men aren’t meant to enjoy cooking but are more than happy to devour any item of food put in front of them, I’ve surprised myself lately by the amount of ‘dabbling’ I’ve undertaken in the kitchen.

My latest concoction was politely described by Mrs. DDWT as ‘Chicken stuffed with spinach’, but for future use I shall refer to it as concoction no. 1. In truth it was chicken with spinach plus numerous other vegetables (asparagus, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, mange tout), diced potatoes, sprinkled with herbs and roasted to perfection (i.e one hour 15 minutes at 180 degrees). Sounds awful perhaps, but tasted bloody lovely. Now there’s an idea, I’ll start posting my recipes – complete with pictures – on this blog (with a disclaimer about food poisoning of course).

Hit the road with my office colleague JR today and did another bike ride during our lunch hour. We did the same route as yesterday, but added in part of the SA1 development to take the mileage up to 12 miles.

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