Training session #54

It’s a sad indictment of my love of statistics when I am able to reveal the number of training (fitness?) sessions I have understaken since January 1st 2006. Today was number 54 and once again saw me and JR take to the promenade during our lunch break and ride some 12 miles or so – avoiding numerous sun seeking tourists along the way. It was weird to see my mileage clock tick over the 700 mile mark along the way – not a lot of mileage really when you consider I’ve had the speedo some 2 years or so.

In fairness I’ve tried to vary the sessions I’ve done to avoid boredom – so it’s been a healthy mixture of running, weights and bike riding. We’re planning another trip down the prom tomorrow with another colleague – Wenno – in tow as well this time.

On a final note, you wouldn’t believe the amount of grief we get from the gang back in the office for not stopping at Verdi’s for an ice cream. Some people just don’t grasp the concept of getting fit do they *wink*