Just the two of us

‘Twas JR and myself on the road again today (all 13 miles of it) after Wenno dropped out at the last minute – touting work as his excuse. We took a detour to Bracelet Bay today and once again avoided the lure of the ice cream at Verdi’s or as for JR the lure of “some nice totty” in Verdi’s. Anyone who knows JR will not be surprised by his frank and direct comments (the totty one above being one of the cleaner ones!). Here is a picture of us both from last year – complete with our moutain biking gear!

Mrs. DDWT and Junior came to meet me after work as the weather was so nice and we took a stroll down to Mumbles Pier and the foreshore – for DDWT Junior to practice his pebble throwing! We also continued our high fat diet (only kidding) with a visit to the chippy (not sure what it’s called) practically opposite Joe’s ice cream parlour on St. Helens Road in Swansea. Needless to say we also had a large Joe’s afterwards – believe me, if you EVER have ice cream, have a Joes!

Am trying hard to get the Western Mail to use a few of my pictures for a piece they are doing on the Gower – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty next week in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Will know on Monday if they’re going to use them in print – so here’s hoping.

Talking of the Gower and weather/time permitting, the DDWT family are hoping to continue our exploration of the beautiful Gower beaches by making a visit to Port Eynon.