Mount Kilvey

Kilvey Hill standing some 600 ft (188m) above sea level and famous for being the local television transmitter site (as well as numerous burnt out cars over the years), was the destination for myself and five others yesterday for our regular lunchtime bike ride.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trying to conquer Kilvey, it’s well worth the challenge and has some riding to suit everyone – road, dirt track, lots of climbing and some well ‘ard technical bits too. You also get to see some breathtaking views over Swansea as a whole and the coast. Just to give you an idea, here are a few snaps.

The last picture of the Liberty Stadium was quite appropriate as I went to the Swans v Bees of Brentford play-off semi final game last night. The game ended one all, in a highly charged and tense atmosphere, which wasn’t helped by the fact the Swans only started to play in the 2nd half and leaving it until the 87th minute to equalise. Oh well, at least it’ll make my trip to Griffin Park (home of the Bees) an eventual one on Sunday!

Took a day off work today and thoroughly enjoyed myself putting together DDWT Junior’s new swing (picture below), some garderning and giving my mountain bike some TLC (tender loving care) after yesterday’s lunchtime heroics.

Unfortunately, for DDWT Junior the rain came early this evening (and he’d been sleeping all afternoon) which meant he’d missed his opportunity to give the swing a go. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow – weather permitting of course.