Play-off finalists

WAHAY the Swans did it. A cracking 2-nil win today at Griffin Park was enough to see us book another date at the Millenium stadium in Cardiff on Saturday, May 27th. We’ll be playing either the Tykes of Barnsley or Terriers of Huddersfield – depending on their game tomorrow night.

I set off on coach number 3 from Swansea at 7:15 this morning and we slowly but surely made our way to London after a brief refreshment stop at Leigh Delamare services on the M4. Having got to the capital at around 11:10 we thought we would be at the ground in ample time – but the coach driver hadn’t taken the Chelsea Premiership trophy parade into consideration. Nerves were bad enough already, but with the added pressure of thinking we’d miss the start of the game due to traffic – we took the only option left to us and that was to walk!

Some 2 miles and 20 odd minutes later we arrived at the ground with about 5 minutes to spare, only to find out the kick-off had been delayed 15 minutes to allow the Swansea fans to get to the game. The police called this a ‘security measure’. I can see why they didn’t want hordes of Swansea fans milling around outside the ground whilst the game was on.

Unfortunately, there were a few minor skirmishes AFTER the game and although Swansea has its fair share of hooligans, from what I saw today it was a few Brentford fans that started the trouble and to be quite frank, got the hiding they deserved.

Anyway, the day as a whole was great and I thoroughly enjoyed my day out arriving back in Swansea at around 7 pm – sporting a nice glowing forehead due to the sun (even though heavy rain was forecast!). Next stop Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium….. COME ON YOU SWANS.

Oops, forgot to say that I weighed before leaving the house this morning and I’d put on 2lbs, so I’mnow back to 17st 1lb again. Oh well I don’t give a monkeys today as the Swans won!