Running in the rain

Despite the monsoon like conditions outside at the moment, I decided – much to the amazement of my work colleagues – to go out running lunchtime today. I got thoroughly drenched in the process, but thoroughly enjoyed my 17 or so minutes around Swansea Marina.

It also enabled me to put a theory to test regarding my dodgy knee – which seemed to flare up when I’d been running on the beach of late. Now you’d have thought that the impact and possibility of more knee joint pain from running on the road would be far greater than on the sand wouldn’t you. Well for some bizarre reason I didn’t get the same reaction or more importantly the pain after today’s run as I’d had from the previous beach running. I’ll keep tabs on the situation though, but hopefully I’ve found the source of my knee problems.

Whilst on the subject of my knee, here’s a photo of the dodgy one!!

This is also my entry for the 2006 Swansea Knobbly Knees competition run by Pretty Polly*

I seem to be starting a head cold at the moment which is bloody annoying, so I’m dosing myself up with day nurse and night nurse in order to try and nip it in the bud. At least with night nurse I get a damn good nights sleep!

* I can assure you that this is a joke!