Beauty of the net

Was off work today with my darn cold – primarily for fear of passing on the lurgi to the others, which have really made me mister popular. Still at least it gave me time with the Mrs and DDWT Junior, not to mention time to surf the internet.

Unfortunately, a dry cough has also kicked in to annoy me further and although I’m drinking (well 2 x 5ml spoonfuls actually) some dry cough medicine (picture below) it’s having little effect. It’s also like eating liquorice allsorts but in liquid form – yuch!

The pure genius and convenience tool that is the internet, showed me it’s worth today when I not only booked my train ticket to Cardiff for the League One Play-off final, but also the match programme as well. Not bad considering it was all from the comfort of my armchair – no queues, no fuss and all delivered to my door. Sometimes I feel the people who bang on about the security of credit card transactions on the net really do miss a trick when it comes to purchasing stuff. If you’re sensible about who, what and where you buy from on the web then you shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever.

Cooked up concoction no. 3 tonight featuring turkey breast, carrots, peas, sliced potatoes, spinach and onions. With some herbs and lemon juice added for flavour and out of habit I suppose!

After covering the beauty above with foil and putting it on the middle shelf of our pre-heated (to 190 degrees) oven for about 1 hour 25 minutes – we were ready to devour the mix. It received mixed reviews from around the table with me enjoying it, Mrs. DDWT on the fence and DDWT Junior enjoying only the turkey. All in all though, a much better tasting dish than concoction no. 2.