Ice lollipop

Most notable moment of today was DDWT Junior eating his first ever ice lollipop at the tender age of 28 months. The ice lolli was a homemade one, made using some fresh orange juice and the free Ice Age 2 lollipop sticks being given away with Kelloggs breakfast cereals.

The Mrs and I watched ‘Maid in Manhatten‘ last night starring Jennifer Lopez (now there’s a foxy lady) and Ralph Fiennes. If you’re into soppy love movies, then you’ll enjoy this one with Fiennes as a senatorial candidate who falls in love with the hotel maid played by Lopez. Not a bad movie on the whole – although somewhat predictable in parts (aren’t they all?) and being the sentimental old soul that I am, I’d recommend watching it.

Still no sign of my dry cough relenting unfortunately, which is a major irritation in more ways than one. Somehow I always feel that after every cough and splutter everyone is thinking “For God’s sake have a bloody good one will you”.