It's organic

I hate the wind, its official. My 29 minute (3 miles odd) run at lunchtime today was bloody hard work thanks to what seems to be a permanent gale on Swansea Bay. I’m very surprised that I didn’t stop any traffic on Oystermouth Road on the way back as I was as red as a beetroot and felt like I’d run twice as far as I actually had!

Mrs. DDWT made a cracking homemade lasagne last night which was pukka (as in pukka pies – I think that’s where the term comes from?). Unfortunately she didn’t take any snaps prior to cooking it and we’d devoured it before anyone had a chance to afterwards. One top tip though which the Mrs felt I had to pass on was to use organic mince rather than your standard mince – less fatty and much tastier. In fact I’d recommend buying organic for lots of reasons. One of the main ones for me being the fact that it seems to taste so much better, which is worth the extra cost alone (in my opinion).

Finally got my 3 Valleys Bike Ride pack through the post today, together with my number (321) and a route map – which can be seen below.

The ride takes place on Sunday, June 4th and is raising money for Ysgol Crug Glas (special needs school), Ty Hafan (The Children’s Hospice in Wales), Child Line Wales, and Homes and Hope for Children (homes for orphans in war zones).