Nervous anticipation

Well with less than 24 hours to go now before the big play-off final game between the Swans and Tykes of Barnsley I’m getting both excited and nervous in equal proportions. Having said that, I think I’m more nervous about getting the train to Cardiff, given the shambles that is the boarding pass system.

I’m sure though that once I do get there the atmosphere will be electric with 34,000 Swans and 23,000 Tykes vying for vocal supremacy around the Millenium stadium.

Back on track (no pun intended!) with the running today as I had a ‘normal’ lunchtime, so decided on a 24 minute meandering jaunt around Swansea Marina. The knee still seems to be holding up well, so it must have been all of the beach running that was causing me the problem.

It’ll have to be back on the bike for me next week though in preparation for the 3 Valleys Bike ride a week Sunday.

DDWT Junior did a sponsored trampoline bounce today to raise money for the mother and toddler group he attends. Fair play to the little fella, he was only meant to do 10 bounces – but ended up hogging the trampoline and doing in excess of 200 and raised £15 in the process, not bad for a 28 month old toddler. It’s no wonder he was fast asleep when I got home from work at 5 ‘ish, he must have been shattered.