Bike Rage

Today saw me come the closest I ever have to displaying ‘bike rage’. Whilst riding towards Mumbles, I almost collided with three other riders (on seperate occasions) with them simply not being aware of me coming towards them. Obviously this resulted in us having words, along the lines of ….. “Excuse me” and the response being “Why the f*ck don’t you look where you are going!”. Those of you who are familiar with the route will know that the path is clearly marked with a lane for walkers and a lane for cyclists.

So I left the office quite chilled out looking forward to a nice bike ride and returned to the office in a strop (and not chilled out at all!). Anyway, I clocked up 12 miles which all helps in the bigger picture (losing weight and getting fit) and also gives me some decent prep for the BIG ride on Sunday.