Blazing saddle

Back on the bike with a vengeance today with three separate rides (yes I did say three) – going to work, lunchtime and going home, which all in all accounted for 25 miles. The guys in the office and Mrs DDWT thought I was nuts and to be brutally honest I think I agree with them.

It’s great to see the cycle routes so well used during this time of year, especially with the weather being so dry and sunny. I must have counted at least 10 other cyclists going to work along various parts of route 43 today. I’m planning on cycling into work again tomorrow, but this time I’ll be given the lunchtime ride a miss.

I really should be putting the miles in by foot this week, as there is now less than 3 weeks to go to the Llanelli 10K – which I have decided to run in. At this rate I’ll be struggling as I haven’t put a great deal of running in over the last month or so.