Seagull droppings

Copped out of doing any bike riding today due to the worst nights sleep I’ve (we’ve) had in months in the house of DDWT. Finally rolled out of bed at 08:15 am and got to work just in time for my early morning meeting. So much for being in the saddle by 07:30 and on my way to work as planned.

So the sum total of my physcial activity today was having a brisk (‘ish) walk around Swansea Marina lunchtime – topping up the tan/damaging my skin in the process. One bizarre moment sticks in my mind though, which was when I saw a seagull flying high above me and I remember thinking “he’s going to sh*t on me”. Well, some 2 seconds later… he dropped his burgeoning load from the sky – but to my complete amazement it somehow landed both in front and behind me without so much as a blemish on my attire (thankfully).