Landscape gardener

I was back hard at work in the garden today, continuing with the plant removal activities of the last few weeks. It’s a hard, long project but at the end of it all it’ll be worth it I’m sure. We’ll have a low maintenance (i.e. just plain lawn) and 100% child friendly garden for DDWT Junior to play in to his hearts content, rather than the paving slabbed, overly planted jungle we’ve got now.

It’s actually quite amazing how removing a lot of plants can suddenly make your garden look so much bigger. When everything is done and dusted I’ll put up some before and after pictures just for you to see what a difference it makes.

Weighed this morning and was smack on 17st again – so a 1lb loss from last week.

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  1. Just for your info, a suroprising number of garden plants have poisonous parts – not jus the obvious ‘red berries’ type. Always worth finding a website that points out ones to avoid when you have litl’uns knocking around. I believe lupin seeds are poisonous for example, and many of the euphorbias (I think)

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