Activity table

With the warm and sultry weather seemingly in endless supply, I thought it was about time that I put up our gazebo in the garden, to give us some shade whilst we lounge around outside. I’m afraid that although I like the sunny weather – I’m far from being a sun worshipper and definately fall into the ‘Pale and Proud’ category. Boring perhaps, but hey I like my skin *smile*

DDWT Junior got treated to a Chad Valley 3 in 1 activity table today and whilst he was busy digging up sand (and splashing the water) in that, I was busy digging up the garden (again).

Am getting excited with Father’s Day being tomorrow and am wondering what treats are in store. In fairness I can never complain as I always get spoilt rotten and besides as I said to Mrs DDWT today “everyday is like father’s day for me”.

Which reminds me – I’ve got the mention the cracking bacon butties that Mrs DDWT served up for breakfast this morning. More of the same tomorrow please luv! It was also the first time ever that DDWT Junior had tried and indeed eaten some bacon – he obviously follows his dad.