The bells

Mrs DDWT continued her recent run of culinary delights tonight with a lush homemade prawn curry. Now I’m not a great lover of prawns or curry for that matter, but even I went back for extra lashings of curry and rice. The garlic bread (from M&S) accompanying the dish was also well consumed. Roll on tomorrow night’s tea time treat I say!

Highlight of my working day today was a fire drill (which says a lot about work doesn’t it!) whilst it was raining (for the first time in a fortnight or more). I suppose it sticks in my mind because of our office fire marshall – who shall remain nameless – for quotes such as “I didn’t know we could get out of the building this way” and “Oh sorry, I forgot about you two next door”. Reassuring isn’t it, thank God it was only a practice drill!

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