Bleeding nuisance

Today saw me visit the docs (well nurse anyway) to have the stitches removed from my leg after last week’s op. Fairly straightforward you’d have thought and it was, until the wound started to bleed after the stitches were taken out. I was bitterly disappointed as I thought the wound had healed well and was already planning on donning my running shoes for a lunchtime run-out.

The result is that I now have to go back and wear melolin dressings on my leg again until the wound heals properly. It really does make my entry into Sunday’s Llanelli 10K less and less of a possibility – in case of further ‘eruptions’.

My mood was somewhat tempered when I got home for tea though as Mrs DDWT had yet again pulled out all the stops by making a stupendous grilled chicken dish with chips. My God it tasted great and was the perfect anecdote for my rumbly tummy.

The missus tells me that the dish comprised of chicken breast, mangetout, asparagus, grated carrots, diced mushrooms, baby corn and chicken stock – cooked at 180 degrees on the middle oven shelf for 1 hour 30 minutes.

DDWT Junior continues to amuse us with his daily additions to his vocabulary and really wouldn’t be out of place in the company of performing parrots – as he mimics almost everything (much to our embarrassment sometimes). Comedy moment of the day was him singing ‘Mr. Hapus’ (the Welsh language version of Mr. Happy from the Mr. Men series) in the middle of Asda’s – after having been bopping away in the trolley to Feeder!