Awards dinner

The year’s longest day and I’m burning the midnight oil with today’s post as I’ve only just returned from an awards dinner at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea. It was an enjoyable evening on the whole and made even better by having several pints of strongbow with ice. This definately made up for having to miss the Argentina v Holland football match.

Missed the opportunity to climb mount kilvey today with the usual biking gang (and some local newspaper coverage at the same time) to mark National Bike Week – all because of my darn leg wound. Not impressed and very disappointed and much to the amusement of the others!

I’m having a mental block whilst blogging here, so I might re-visit this posting when my brain cells are working in tandem with my body movements.

1 thought on “Awards dinner”

  1. You didn’t miss a lot with the game – it was a very slow paced affair on the whole with very little adventurous play. Both sides seemed unwilling to take any chances and it was (as the commentators kept saying) more like a game of chess rather than an exciting and energetic display of skill – no-one seemed to just get on with it and try and win. It reminded me of how England used to play, relying on set pieces and practiced plans, too much thinking and if the scenarion didn’et fit, just pass it back! Very boring for an independant amateur viewer like myself. Looking forward to the Group F and G games for a bit more enthusiasm.

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