Attended a project management course today – well the first of two days worth anyway – which was at times at interesting affair, but by in large was very bloody boring (or perhaps not very stimulating would be a better description).

The tutor described the course as PRINCE2 – the lite version, which I suppose was his way of saying “I’ll show you in two days, what you really should be shown in 5 days”. Having said that, I’d already taken the position that project management (in whatever guise) was always going to be a case of ‘horses for courses’ in terms of it’s application to certain jobs. Nevertheless, I learnt a few useful bits and bobs through the day which will no doubt come in handy with the day job.

One funny acronym that cropped up today (which apparently BT use) was BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals!! I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER heard that before. Perhaps any BT employee reading this blog (yes some people do read it!) would like to comment?

It was Nana DDWT’s birthday today, so we paid her a surprise visit this evening to give her a little treat – as she’s not one for much fuss on such occasions and always says “oh you don’t celebrate birthday’s when you get to my age”. Her face was a picture when DDWT Junior started his rendition of “Happy Birthday to you” and made his Nana’s day without a doubt.

The Swans fixtures for the 2006-2007 season were announced today and were of particular interest to me, as (a) I’ve got a season ticket and (b) the house of DDWT could plan weekends away to coincide with some of the away games. It’s something we’ve done for many years and has always been great. We set off on the Friday, do a bit of shopping, watch the game Saturday and take our time returning home on the Sunday. It’s very relaxing and is a great way to explore this wonderful country of ours – as we never do seem to really appreciate what is on our own doorstep do we?