Swans footage

Today was by in large an uneventful day on the whole, mainly thanks to a 5am wake up call from DDWT Junior. The result of which meant that were were all (a) very grumpy (b) very tired and (c) extremely short fused – a recipe for disaster as you can imagine!

Anyway, we ventured into Swansea to do some shopping and ended up getting even more agitated with each other. Even a visit to the M&S food section failed to raise our spirits – purely because most of the goodies seemed to have been snapped up prior to our visit. We did however manage to get some of their croissants though (which really are the dogs nadgers) so I’m really looking forward to Sunday breakfast now. At least next time we’ll know to get there before 2pm to make damn sure we get those special little treats that only M&S seem to produce (albeit at an inflated price).

Upon returning home and DDWT Junior falling asleep on the way – the Mrs and I also decided to take the opportunity of having an afternoon nap. This worked a treat and we all woke some 3 or so hours later in much better spirits.

In fact the evening proved quite productive as we all ventured outside and had a good laugh in the garden (although seeing the garden you could say we had a good laugh at it as well!). I also took the time to dig up some more unwanted plants and rolled about on the lawn in true goalkeeper style whilst playing football with DDWT Junior.

Talking of football, I’ve ventured into the world of ‘YouTube‘ tonight and loaded some footage of some Swans games that I have. You can see my effots to date on my YouTube channel.