Please sponsor me

I finally got back in the saddle today after an enforced absence and thoroughly enjoyed the 9 mile lunchtime ride down to Mumbles. Suprisingly I didn’t feel rusty and it was great to give my legs a workout in preparation for the upcoming 29 mile BHF Gower bike ride on Sunday. I’m still on the lookout for sponsorship if anyone would like to donate something to the British Heart Foundation. My sponsorship total is currently £42 – so please help a worthy cause and boost this total.

It was an eventful day all round actually as I also moved offices and changed line manager – the result of which means that I’ll be moving from managing operational issues to strategic ones. Scary stuff indeed!

DDWT Junior was in full verbal flow today with numerous new words being spoken – “Notodike” (motorbike), “War bout dat” (what about that) and ramblings of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. He really going to be quite a chatty charlie if his current mutterings are anything to go by.

After several months of reading Piers Morgan’s autobiography – “The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade” I’ve finally finished it. It’s an interesting read which at times made me shudder to think that certain people (i.e newspaper editors) have such easy access to the powers that be. In Morgan’s case the prime minister – Tony Blair. The book also makes you realise how powerful the media are in this country – which given the people in the media driving seat is scary stuff.