Traffic and travel

I decided to venture up to Fendrod lake for my lunchtime ride today and avoid the crowds that flock along the promenade to Mumbles when the weather is this hot and sunny. Perhaps unsurprisingly (given the nearby enterprise zone) there were loads of people walking around the lake, so it was still pretty much a case of avoiding the pedestrian traffic. Anyway, another 10 miles were added to the tally.

I took a few snaps of Fendrod lake when we visited there back in March of this year and it really is a pleasant destination for a walk or jog and well renowned for its coarse fishing (if that kind of thing is your bag).

I seriously considering biking into work as a matter of routine from next week as the traffic situation in Swansea seems to be getting worse by the day – and the various road improvement projects obviosuly aren’t helping in the short term. Still, you can’t have change and improvement on any road without disruption – so I guess it’s worth the hassle in the short term.

Quote of the day goes to DDWT Junior with “Ows bout dat” and “Or maan” – he’s obviously been watching too much Dora the Explorer as that’s where the latter phrase comes from. He’s such a character though and a continous source of amusement (and frustration sometimes!).