Just come back from a 24 minute lunchtime run and at the moment I have to be honest I feel like robocop (in movement not mentality). I’m sure I’ll feel better later but at the moment it’s like starting this fitness lark all over again. The morale of the story is – when you decide to start running and cycling, strike a balance between the two!

Not even my turkey and spinach sandwiches (in wholemeal bread) could cheer me up. Although the cherries (that were my dessert) were very nice (and incidentally on offer in Tesco’s)!

Oh well at least this afternoon I can look forward to trying to get my head around the beast that is Oracle, and in particular Oracle Portal. I have the dubious honour of having to assess it’s content management capabilities as opposed to our current content management solution.

Felt I also had to share with you something which Nana DDWT had knitted for DDWT Junior as a surprise gift and which he was given today. In fact he’s spoilt rotten by his Nana who gives him a small surprise everytime she visits!

The picture above is his surprise – his very own knitted Bagpuss and as you can imagine he was chuffed to bits with his new “meeoww”.

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