Let’s send an SMS to the blog

No it’s not a remix of that famous Police song – you know the one “Let’s send an sos to the world” – its about me planning to indulge in a spot of ‘moblogging‘ – which isn’t as disgusting as it sounds.

Basically I’m going to try and post updates on my blog using SMS messages – whilst out on the town in Swansea tonight. Now this could be very interesting, especially with me indulging in the art of drinking vast amounts of strongbow (or cider in non-brand speak).

After having such a grand idea my planned lunchtime run went AWOL as I’ve been busily googling for “free sms to email gateways” – without a huge amount of success I hasten to add. Anyway, I finally stumbled across mPost which seems to do the trick (albeit with a teeny weeny bit of an ad at the bottom of the post – apparently). Anyway, I’ll give it a try and we’ll see what happens!

Later y’all…. hopefully *smile*