A trip in ciderspace

Unfortunately yesterday’s moblogging experiment was a complete failure as mPost didn’t process any of my sms messages – hence the lack of updates from last night’s trip in ciderspace. I’ll keep plugging away though as there has to be an alternative method/service that’ll enable me to update my blog in that way (and I don’t mean via wap and email!).

Nevermind I had a cracking night, drank far too much stongbow (mixed with red wine I hasten to add), had a great curry at Rajput exquisite indian cuisine and finally got home at 3:30 am (having been out since 5:30 pm). Bizarrely in all that time I only went to 4 pubs/clubs – the Wig (formerly the Wig and Pen), the Cross Keys, the No Sign Bar and the Lava Lounge (the music here was crap btw). Apologies as well to JR who was my ‘horse’ in the Oxford Street, Swansea piggyback race (during which we dismounted twice, ripped his shirt and chaffed his elbows) – which featured only one runner I hasten to add.

We had several rather bizarre conversations in the evening ranging from ‘nadgers’ (which is slang for testicles) to going brazillian/hawaiian! Needless to say, some of the entourage were rather bemused (myself included) as to the use of such terminology and their explicit explanations. Still at least I learnt something new and confirmed my own suspicions that I really can’t drink cider to save my life!

I haven’t really done much today (now there’s a surprise) even though I was up like a lark at 8:45 am. We all went to visit Nana and Grampa DDWT, had an afternoon snooze, did some weeding in the garden and erm, that was about it! What a waste of a day.

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  1. Glad to see you and JR are not letting the side down in the ridiculous drinking behaviour stakes. Iechyd Da from the Laos border.

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