No that’s not in celebration of Italy winning the world cup, it’s because I’ve found an Italian company who provide a free sms to email gateway service – which in turn allows me to update my blog from my mobile (using sms messages). The company is called ‘eXcell‘ and the only cost incurred for using the service is the cost of a international sms message (20p in my case). So when out I’m out on my travels next – I’ll give it a shot.

The weighing scales were frowning at me today somewhat with the display showing 17st 2lbs – which I suppose is my just dessert really after my over-indulgence on Friday evening. I seemed to have faltered a little on the weight loss front lately and it’s getting me down to be honest. I really MUST start cutting out the junk that I eat once again, I know I can do it, I just need to re-focus.

In order to try and improve my mood I took to the garden this afternoon to do battle with the plants once again (as part of our garden overhaul project). It seemed to do the trick and the garden looks a lot better as well! My mood improved even further when Mrs DDWT annouced that we were having roast duck for tea – which is one of my favourite dishes.