You know it makes sense

I had a day off today and used the time to continue with our garden overhaul, despite the lousy weather. When you’re not used to lots of daily manual work such as digging and breaking down walls it really does make you realise how much hard work it is – not to mention back breaking! I’m working towards clearing the garden by early August ready for sowing the seeds for our new lawn, but with plenty still to do I’ve a feeling I’ll be digging for a good while yet.

I decided to try and earn a few extra quid today by switching on the Google Adsense service on my blog. I doubt it will make me a lot (if anything actually) as the amount of traffic to the site is quite low, but nothing ventured nothing gained eh.

I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the template I use for my blog – but having looked at quite a few of them today I decided to stick with what I’ve got. Most of the other templates on offer either seemed to look quite different in different web browsers or (more importantly) were hard to bloody read due to the colours used.

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