The hard sell

I decided to do my bit for the environment today and cycle the 9 or so miles into work. The main reason for doing this was that I’m fed up with having to spend about an hour a day in traffic travelling the 12 miles to and from work.

The other advantages of using the bike of course are that it saves me money and gets me fit – the latter also frees up my lunchtime as I don’t have to do my training then (although I have on occassion done lunchtime runs as well!).

Talking of training, we were invited this evening to the Glamorgan Health and Fitness club to have a look around and take advantage of their current membership deals. The club itself was excellent and had all the facilities you could ask for in such a place, but the OTT hard sell really was a major turn-off. The monthly £110 fee wasn’t too inviting either! It would be work the money if we were going to use if frequently enough, but with DDWT Junior being so young we really wouldn’t get value for money. So much to the disgust of “Anna-Lee” we decided not to take out a membership.

After we visited the club, Mrs DDWT and I went for a lovely evening stroll around Swansea Marina, whilst DDWT Junior was up with his cousins having a whale of a time and being spoilt rotten as usual. It’s really funny as everytime he visits them he ALWAYS comes back with some of their toys – which they don’t mind, but we’re really close to being able to open a toy shop!