No not potatoe waffles – I’m talking about Tregroes waffles. I just had to share this moment with you as if you’ve ever tasted one (toffee or chocolate variety) – and I highly recommend that you do – you’ll know why the mere thought of them makes my mouth moist with anticipation. It might also explain why I have problems shedding some of the excess waistline baggage I have as well!

Anyway, onto today’s main topic – the Change Management course I attended (well half attended actually). For the other half of the day, I was fortunate/unfortunate (delete as appropriate) enough to be involved in a meeting with Oracle about their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product. I’ll leave the latter to the sales people, so I’ll tell you about the change management stuff – albeit not that rivetting either sorry.

I suppose I can look back at the course today and laugh at the fact we had a tutor with a lisp (not that this is funny) but his insistance on saying the word “anchor” all the time was. If you can imagine Jonathan Ross saying “anchor” all the time – you’ll get my drift *smile*

That’s really is about as memorable as it got apart from a few bits of self-analysis where we looked at ‘Change Drivers’ in individual careers and the Thomas-Kilman conflict mode instrument (which isn’t as painful as it sounds!). For the change drivers analysis my driving forces were (in order) – Expertise, Security and Creativity. For the conflict mode instrument peice I came out as a ‘Collaborator’. It’s all quite interesting stuff, but in all honesty if you are true to yourself when giving the answers – there shouldn’t be any surprises with the outputs.

I’m home alone for the next few days as Mrs DDWT and DDWT Junior have gone off to Aberaeron to visit some relatives – thus leaving me to man the fort and get some long overdue jobs done. It’s eerily quiet though without DDWT Junior’s presence in particular and I’d be lying if I said I was enjoying it.